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NEWS: Seagrasses and Ocean Acidification

Erica Ferrer
Published on Jun 18, 2018

Discover the seagrass meadows of Ischia, Italy, where CO2 from volcanic vents informs our predictions about the effects of ocean acidification on seagrass ecology. Learn more about the natural history of these amazing marine plants and a bit about the research being conducted at this unique site.


Upwelling noun [up·well·ing ] The process of upward movement to the ocean surface of deeper cold usually nutrient-rich waters especially along some shores due to the offshore movement of surface waters (as from the action of winds and the Coriolis force)

We are a collaborative multi-institutional group conducting interdisciplinary research on the environmental, ecological and socio-economic factors governing the sustainability of coastal ecosystems in upwelling regions and throughout the world.


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