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Graduate Opportunities

At Stanford, our graduate students are drawn from School of Engineering and the Bob and Norma Street Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab (located in Palo Alto) and the DeLeo and Micheli laboratories (located at the at the Hopkins Marine Station) through the Biology Department or the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources. At the University of Georgia, The Coastal Oceanography & Biophysical Integrated Analysis Lab accepts students through College of Engineering and the Department of Marine Sciences. Interested in working with us? Contact one of our partner labs directly or drop us a line and tell us about yourself - background, research interests, career goals, and education.

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Undergraduate Research

In the Monterey Bay area there are several pathways for undergraduates to conduct research under the mentorship of our partners. For Stanford Students the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education supports experiences through the Biology Department as well as independent and seniors honors research. California State University, Monterey Bay Students can find opportunities and support through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center. Summer research opportunities, open to all students, include the Monterey Bay Research Experiences for Undergraduates and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute‚Äôs Summer Internship programs. At the University of Georgia support is provided by the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities.



Looking to acquire research experience? We are always looking for motivated undergraduates (and high school students) who are enthusiastic about science and sustainability. Contact one of our partner labs directly or drop us a line and tell us about yourself, your research interests, education and experience (not necessarily needed). Our graduate students are particularly always in need of reliable assistants.

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