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The Ocean Chemistry Activity book

G. De Leo, C. Boch, E. Hess, F. Micheli, C. Ng, N. Low, J.P. Barry. © Stanford University. English and Spanish version (2018) on-line

Chasing the future: how will ocean change affect marine life?

J. P. Barry, D. Graves, C. Lovera, J. P. Lord, and C. A. Boch. Oceanography. Volume: 30(4) Special Issue: SI Pages: 60-71 (2017) on-line

Mapping ecological indicators of human impact with statistical and machine learning methods: tests on the California coast

Stock, A., A. J. Haupt, M. Mach and F. Micheli. Ecological Informatics (2018) on-line

From fishing fish to fishing data: The role of artisanal fishers in conservation and resource management in Mexico. In: Salas S., Barragan-Paladines M., Chuenpagdee R. (eds) Viability and Sustainability of Small-Scale Fisheries in Latin America and The Caribbean

Fulton S., A. Hernandez-Velasco, A. Suarez-Castillo, F. Fernandez-Rivera Melo, M. Rojo, A. Saenz-Arroyo, A. Hudson Weaver, R. Cudney-Bueno, F. Micheli and J. Torre. MARE Publication Series, vol 19. Springer, Cham (2019) on-line

Assessment and management of cumulative impacts in California's network of marine protected areas

Mach, M.E., L. Wedding, S.M. Reiter, F. Micheli, R.M. Fujita, R. G. Martone. Ocean & Coastal Management 137: 1-11 (2017) on-line

Marine spatial planning in a transboundary context: Linking Baja California with Californias network of Marine Protected Areas

Arafeh Dalmau, N., G. Torres Moye, G. Seingier, G. Montano-Moctezuma, F. Micheli. Frontiers in Marine Science (2017) on-line

“Internal tide pools” prolong kelp forest hypoxic events

Leary, P. R., Woodson C.B, Squibb M.E., Denny, M.W., Monismith S.G., Micheli, F. L&O 62: 2864ñ2878 (2017) on-line

Examining trade-offs in climate change responses in the context of Pacific Island fisheries

Finkbeiner, E., F. Micheli, N. Bennett, A. Ayers, E. Le Cornu, A. Doerr. Marine Policy (2018) on-line

Harnessing Cross-border Resources to Confront Climate Change

Aburto-Oropeza, O., A.F. Johnson, M. Agha, E. B. Allen, M. F. Allen, J. Arellano Gonzalez, D. M. Arenas Moreno, R. Beas-Luna, S. Butterfield, G. Caetano, J. E. Caselle, G. Castaneda Gaytan, M.C. N. Castorani, L. Anh Cat,K. Cavanaugh, J. Chambers, R. D. Cooper, N. Arafeh Dalmau, T. Dawson, A. Diaz de la Vega Perez, J. F. C. DiMento, S. Dominguez Guerrero, M. Edwards, J. R. Ennen, H. Estrada-Medina, N. Fierro, H. Gadsden, P. Galina Tessaro, P. M. Gibbons, E. V. Goode, M. E. Gorris, T. Harmon, S. Hecht , M. A. Heredia Fragoso, A. Hernandez, D. Hernandez Cortes, G. Hernandez-Carmona , L. S. Hillard , R. B. Huey , M. B. Hufford , V. H. Paramo Figueroa , D. Jenerette , J. Jimenez-Osornio , K. J. Lopez Nava , R. A. Lara Resendiz , H. M. Leslie , A. Lopez-Feldman , J. E. Lovich , V. Luja Molina , N. MartÌnez Mendez , W. Mautz , J. Medellin-Azuar , C. Melendez Torres , F. R. Mendez de la Cruz , F. Micheli , D. B. Miles , G. Montagner , G. Montano-Moctezuma , J. Muller , P. Oliva , J. A. Ortinez Alvarez , J. P. Ortiz-Partida , J. Palleiro-Nayar , P. E. Parnell, P. Raimondi , A. Ramirez-Valdez , J. T. Randerson , D. C. Reed , M. Riquelme , T. Romero Torres , P. C. Rosen , J. Ross-Ibarra, V. Sanchez Cordero, S. Sandoval-Solis , J. C. Santos , R. Sawers, B. Sinervo, J. W. Sites, Jr. , O. Sosa-Nishizaki , T. Stanton , J. A. E. Stewart , J. Torre , G. Torres-Moye, K. K. Treseder , J. Valdez Villavicencio , F. I. Valle Jimenez , M. Vaughn , L. Welton , M. Westphal , G. Woolrich Pina , A. Yunez-Naude , J. A. Zertuche-Gonzalez , J. E. Taylor. Environmental Science and Policy (2018) on-line

Local response to global uncertainty: insights from experimental economics

Finkbeiner, E., F. Micheli, A. Saenz-Arroyo, L. Vasquez-Vera, C.A. Perafan, J. C. Cardenas. Global Environmental Change 48:151-157 (2018) on-line

A user-friendly tool to evaluate the effectiveness of no-take marine reserves

Villasenor-Derbez, J.C., C. Faro, M. Wright, J. Martinez, S. Fitzgerald, S. Fulton, M. del Mar Mancha-Cisneros, G. McDonald, F. Micheli, A. Suarez, J. Torre-Cosio, C. Costello. PLoS ONE 13(1):e0191821 (2018) on-line

Lethal and functional thresholds of hypoxia in two key benthic grazers

Low, N.H., and F. Micheli. MEPS 594: 165ñ173 (2018) on-line

A mass-balanced food web model for kelp forest ecosystems at their southern distributional limit in the northern hemisphere

Vilalta-Navas, A., R. Beas Luna, L. Calderon-Aguilera, L. Ladah, F. Micheli, V. Christensen, J. Torre. Food Webs 16: e00091 (2018) on-line

Species-specific responses of juvenile rockfish to elevated pCO2: from behavior to genomics

Hamilton, S., Logan, C., Fennie, H., Sogard, S., Barry, J.P., Makukhov, A.D., Tobas, L.R., Lovera, C.F., Bernardi, G. PloS one 12(1), e0169670 (2017) on-line

Impact of climate change on direct and indirect species interactions

Lord, J.P., Barry, J.P., Graves, D. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 571:1-11 (2017) on-line

Juvenile Mussel and Abalone Predation by Lined Shore Crab Pachygrapsus crassipes

Lord, J.P., Barry, J.P. J. Shellfish Res., 36(1), 209-213 (2017) on-line

The Fate and Impact of Internal Waves in Nearshore Ecosystems

Woodson CB Annual Review of Marine Science, 10:421-4418 (2018) on-line

A unifying theory for top-heavy ecosystem structure in the ocean

Woodson CB, Schramski J and Joye SB Nature Communications, 9:23 (2018) on-line

Local oceanographic variability influences the performance of juvenile abalone under climate change

C. A. Boch, F. Micheli, M. AlNajjar, S. G. Monismith, J. M. Beers, J. C. Bonilla, A. M. Espinoza, L. Vazquez-Vera & C. B. Woodson 2018 Scientific Reports, (2018) on-line

Harnessing marine microclimates for climate change adaptation and marine conservation

Woodson, C.B., F. Micheli, C. Boch, M. Al-Najjar, A. Espinoza, A. Hernandez, L. Vázquez-Vera, A. Saenz-Arroyo, S.G. Monismith and J. Torre. Conservation Letters. (2018) on-line

Coastal Upwelling Effects on Red Abalone Fertilization

Charles A. Boch, Steven Y. Litvin, Fiorenza Micheli, Giulio De Leo, Emil A. Aalto, Christopher Lovera, C. Brock Woodson, Stephen Monismith, and James P. Barry (2017). Effects of current and future coastal upwelling conditions on the fertilization success of the red abalone (Haliotis rufescens). ICES Journal of Marine SciencePDF

Coralline Algae Could be Robust to Short, but Not Long, Term Changes in Ocean Chemistry

Kamenos, N. A., Perna, G.M., Gambi, G., Micheli, F. & Kroeker, K. J. (2016). Coralline Algae in a Naturally Acidified Ecosystem Persist by Maintaining Control of Skeletal Mineralogy and Size. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 283(1840), 20161159. doi: 10.1098/rspb.2016.1159 PDF

Physiological Perspective on Climate Change in the NE Pacific

Somero, G. N., Beers, J. M., Chan, F., Hill, T. M., Klinger, T., & Litvin, S. Y. (2016). What Changes in the Carbonate System, Oxygen, and Temperature Portend for the Northeastern Pacific Ocean: A Physiological Perspective. BioScience, 66(1), 14-26. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biv162 PDF

Protecting Old, Large Spawners Maximizes Fisheries Benefits of MPAs

De Leo, G. A., & Micheli, F. (2015). The good, the bad and the ugly of marine reserves for fishery yields. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 370(1681), 20140276. doi: 10.1098/rstb.2014.0276

Marine Reserve Networks Support Conservation and Economic Goals Under Uncertainty

Rossetto, M., Micheli, F., Saenz-Arroyo, A., Montes, J. A. E., & De Leo, G. A. (2015). No-take marine reserves can enhance population persistence and support the fishery of abalone. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 72(10), 1503-1517. doi: 10.1139/cjfas-2013-0623

Ecological effects of full and partial protection in the crowded Mediterranean Sea: a regional meta-analysis

Giakoumi, Sylvaine; Scianna, Claudia; Plass-Johnson, Jeremiah; et al. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 7     Article Number: 8940   Published: AUG 21 2017 on-line

Calcifying algae maintain settlement cues to larval abalone following algal exposure to extreme ocean acidification

O'Leary, Jennifer K.; Barry, James P.; Gabrielson, Paul W.; et al. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   Volume: 7     Article Number: 5774   Published: JUL 18 2017 on-line

Committing to socially responsible seafood

Kittinger, John N.; Teh, Lydia C. L.; Allison, Edward H.; et al. SCIENCE   Volume: 356   Issue: 6341   Pages: 912-913   Published: JUN 2 2017 on-line

The Resilience of Marine Ecosystems to Climatic Disturbances

O'Leary, Jennifer K.; Micheli, Fiorenza; Airoldi, Laura; et al. BIOSCIENCE   Volume: 67   Issue: 3   Pages: 208-220   Published: MAR 2017 on-line

Empiricism and Modeling for Marine Fisheries: Advancing an Interdisciplinary Science

Essington, Timothy E.; Ciannelli, Lorenzo; Heppell, Selina S.; et al. ECOSYSTEMS   Volume: 20   Issue: 2   Pages: 237-244   Published: MAR 2017 on-line

Assessment and management of cumulative impacts in California's network of marine protected areas

Mach, Megan E.; Wedding, Lisa M.; Reiter, Sarah M.; et al. OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT   Volume: 137   Pages: 1-11   Published: MAR 1 2017 on-line

Identifying potential consequences of natural perturbations and management decisions on a coastal fishery social-ecological system using qualitative loop analysis

Martone, Rebecca G.; Bodini, Antonio; Micheli, Fiorenza ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY   Volume: 22   Issue: 1     Article Number: 34   Published: 2017 on-line

Key species and impact of fishery through food web analysis: A case study from Baja California Sur, Mexico

Rocchi, Marta; Scotti, Marco; Micheli, Fiorenza; et al. JOURNAL OF MARINE SYSTEMS   Volume: 165   Pages: 92-102   Published: JAN 2017 on-line

Space invaders; biological invasions in marine conservation planning

Giakoumi, Sylvaine; Guilhaumon, Francois; Kark, Salit; et al. DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS   Volume: 22   Issue: 12   Pages: 1220-1231  Published: DEC 2016 on-line

Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half-century

Krumhans, Kira A.; Okamoto, Daniel K.; Rassweiler, Andrew; et al. PNAS   Volume: 113   Issue: 48   Pages: 13785-13790   Published: NOV 29 2016 on-line

Effects of model assumptions and data quality on spatial cumulative human impact assessments

Stock, Andy; Micheli, Fiorenza GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY   Volume: 25   Issue: 11   Pages: 1321-1332   Published: NOV 2016 on-line

Falling through the cracks: the fading history of a large iconic predator

Ferretti, Francesco; Morey Verd, Gabriel; Seret, Bernard; et al. FISH AND FISHERIES   Volume: 17   Issue: 3   Pages: 875-889   Published: SEP 2016 on-line

Between control and complexity: opportunities and challenges for marine mesocosms

Sagarin, Raphael D.; Adams, John; Blanchette, Carol A.; et al. FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT   Volume: 14   Issue: 7  Pages: 389-396   Published: SEP 2016 on-line