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Undergraduate Projects

Through a number of sponsored programs and volunteer positions our partners provide several summer and year round opportunities for undergraduate laboratory, experimental and field research. Mentored by our research team, postdoctoral scholars and particularly our graduate students, recent undergraduate projects have included the effect of ocean acidification on abalone growth and survivorship, seastar foraging preferences, physiology and swimming biomechanics of rockfishes, and invertebrate larval development under climate change. Check back soon for profiles of some of our undergraduate’s research projects.

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STEM Projects

Through partnerships and volunteer opportunities our projects support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. Since 2014 with support of the National Science Foundation, we have partnered with the Marine Ecology Research Program at the Santa Catalina School in Monterey, to provide an opportunity for young women to work with our researchers on independent projects related to ocean acidification. Each year of our team works with a group of juniors to identify, develop and carry out a research project, then helps them analyze and present their results in their senior year. Santa Catalina students have worked on the effects of biogenic habitat, intertidal kelp, on seawater pH and ocean acidification and abalone growth. Looking for partnership or volunteer opportunities.

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